Friday, 13 February 2009


We're playing at Tottenham Chances for another Klinker on March 3rd.

Tottenham Chances is on Tottenham High Road just north of The Swan, up from Seven Sisters tube. Bus-wise, most of the ones that go north/south through Dalston end up going all the way up to Tottenham.

In other Klinker/Clunes-related news, Dan (that's me) is/am playing in a new trio at the same venue on the 27th March, with a feller named Elwell and Hugh Metcalfe. The trio is called "Bolgwell Elcalfe" at the moment.

AND on the 5th March at Cafe Oto, Tom is putting his fingers in all sorts of places and playing a solo guitar set, along with a set from the formidable Wilkinson/Edwards/Noble trio. Details are on the cafe oto website. If by some weird stretch of the imagination you've managed to hear Clunes but not Tom's solo stuff, then check him out at his myspace.

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